Monday, March 26, 2012


I swear, some day I will really have time to devote to the blog.  I had a midterm due yesterday that took over my life last week.  Here is a recap of recent events:

-I finished my midterm!
-On Thursday, we had class and Jonah was very good.  We ran our first course very fast and well, with the only problem being me almost running into a jump.  We ran it again and I tried to put in a blind which I guess technically worked but it was late and messy.  Otherwise a lovely run.  We ran the second course clear, too.  It has a threadle and a discrimination but was otherwise fairly straightforward.  It was a night of lots of fast running.
-On Friday we went back to Laura's.  We got there late and I was a little flustered, but we did well overall. The first sequence looked like this:
Everyone else in our class did a double front (between 2 and 3 and between 3 and 4), but I opted to handle it as a serp, with him on my right the whole time.  It worked quite well.  Other than that sequence, there was a really fun section of the course where I got to do a Ketschker (which worked brilliantly), and then there was a long straight line of jumps pointed right at the wrong end of a tunnel.  Laura said she would put in a front if she could but that there was no way she could with her BC and it would be hard with her sheltie.  That, of course, meant that I tried to bust my butt to prove that I could do it.  Stupid complex.  It pushes me, though.  Anyway, I got the front in, but I was running so hard that I didn't support one of the other jumps enough and he pulled off it to take a slightly shorter path.  Oops.  I tried again, focusing on keeping my arm out while sprinting full speed (not easy), and it worked beautifully--and was truly exhilarating!  The rest of the course beyond that wasn't bad, but he did take a wide turn on a wrap that I didn't especially like. I brought the box for the A-frame, so his contact was good.
-Oh, and we almost bought a house.  But then we didn't.
-And now it's monday and the rat race starts all over again :)
-Today we practiced our contacts and did some wraps, and Jonah was great.
-Last week it was 80 degrees and now it's back to the 30s.  Siigh New England.

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