Friday, March 16, 2012

Time to take a step back...

Jonah has been doing really fantastic lately.  But I think I was getting a little too comfortable with his great work, and now it seems to be time to be humbled.

In our class last night at DogStar, we had trouble with a discrimination.  I completely stopped, called his name, turned my shoulders and stepped laterally while calling "Frame," and he just charged straight into the tunnel.  Yarg!

Once he got the A-frame, he 1-hit it.  When I went back to try it again, he had a beautiful contact.

I guess I'm being negative about last night's class, but we did have some beautiful moments, too.  His down on the table was good and fast.  I was able to shape some great, tight lines which was a lot of fun.  Overall, he ran quite well.  There was one sequence where I was able to leave him in the weaves and get way ahead to put in a FC that no one else was able to do.  Good boy.  I also practiced stopping while he goes ahead and finishes the weaves--the sort of challenge that made him pull out of the weaves in our last USDAA trial.

Today's lesson was more discouraging.  It was the first time we'd done agility outside other than that our house in six months, and it showed.  Jonah was a little wild and distracted!  For the first time in ages, he was consistently blowing his A-frame.  He would just 1-hit time and time again, and he wasn't even getting in the yellow like he usually does when he 1-hits.  Bleh.  We put a stride regulator up and then he was fine, but it was discouraging--he must have missed it at least 5 times.  He's been so awesome with his A-frame lately.

Other than the A-frame, Jonah jumped off the table the first time.  I tried to push to a far tunnel entrance and he almost crashed through me to take the close one.  Then, one time he ducked behind my back to take a wrong tunnel entrance.  One time I did a RC(which usually makes him turn tightly), and he just went straight ahead and jumped an extra jump.  And he pulled a bar.  It was quite frustrating.

We did do some nice ketchkers and I had another opportunity to run my butt off to get in a FC that no one else was able to do.

All in all, though, I left the lesson rather concerned about tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get things together and avoid disaster/maybe even get some Qs.

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