Friday, March 9, 2012

ADG CPE Trial Preview

Tomorrow we get to go to All Dogs Gym for a CPE trial.  It should be lots of fun.  Here's a peak at what we have ahead of us:

Round 1:  Jumpers Level 5
     We finished level 4 jumpers in December, but we haven't yet had a go at level 5.  I really like jumpers courses, and in CPE they're not usually very difficult.  Since we're already in level 5 for this, I'd like to try to put the pedal to the metal and try to have a speedy run.  There are 5 dogs in the class, so we'll see if we can get ourselves a ribbon and a Q.

Round 2:  Snooker Level 5
     This would be our second level 5 snooker Q, so I'm going to plan to go for 51 points unless it's really not a good possibility.  On the one hand I don't want to be demotivating for him, but on the other hand we will need to be able to get 51 in USDAA once we get to Masters, and this is a good time to practice.  There's not much to lose if I don't get the Q since we're so far ahead in Snooker.  The same 5 dogs are in this class.

Round 3:  Colors Level 3
     This could be the day when we *finally* finish level 3!  I will handle this run conservatively and just go for the Q.  If one course is longer but easier, I will pick that.  I want to completely minimize the chance of any NQ!  There are four dogs in the class, but I don't care at all what they do so long as we get our Q and our CL-3.

Round 4:  Standard Level 4
     This will be our second run at level 4 standard, and this is another important Q for us.  Every standard run counts these days, since in all likelihood standard will be the last class we need to eventually get our CATCH.  We need 17 more Qs!  Hopefully we can make it 16 after tomorrow.  I just really enjoy standard, so it will be fun.  We are almost the last dog of the whole day, though, so we're both likely to be tired.

In other news, I'm behind on all the blog stuff and have lots of other work to do, so look forward to Dave's upcoming guest post about last weekend.  It should really put some "Adventures" back into the blog...sometimes I think we need to rename it "The Boring Training Journal of an Unexceptional Agility Team."

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