Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Riverside Trial Preview

On Saturday we head up to Riverside for our next trial.  Here's what we have ahead of us:

Measuring.  I think this might actually be the last time he has to get measured?  I know I've said that before, but I think this is his second measurement after his second birthday, which should be his last.  Only seven dogs have to get measured and they can be measured Friday or Saturday, so hopefully the environment won't be quite so stressful for him.  Once we're done with that, agility will seem easy :).

First Round:  Jumpers Level 3.  Our Level 3 debut!  I'm expecting a big step up from our last Jumpers courses, but he's been fantastic in Jumpers the last few times, so hopefully he'll be up to the challenge.  There are only two dogs in Level 3, 20" (Jonah included), so a Q should mean a good placement, too.

Second Round:  Snooker Level 2.  If we get this Q we'll be done with level 2 Snooker.  My goal is just to plan a smoother round than last time where we barely pulled the Q together.  There are two other dogs in the class.  One is the dog that pretty much always beat us last time we were at Riverside, and the other is a border collie.  Could be a tough order, but in Snooker more than in any other class I really just want to qualify.

Third Round:  Fullhouse Level 3.  This round should be a bit of a breather.  Hopefully he'll come out quick and we can collect a bunch of points.  Fullhouse is fun without all the pressure of a lot of the other games.  It's probably the least stressful game for me.  There are two other dogs in this class.

Fourth Round:  Jackpot Level 2.  It looks like this will be our first traditional Jackpot (judging by the fact that the levels are split up in the running order).  We'll run the same course as level 1, so I'm not too worried.  I think it will be a pretty straight forward gamble, and Jonah should be comfortable by this point in the day to be working away from me.  Maybe I'll try to work a little distance into our Fullhouse run.  There are two other dogs in this class again.

If we get both the Snooker and Jackpot Qs we'll finish our CL2-S title.  I don't want to get ahead of myself, though.  Snooker's hard!

Really I think the most stressful part of the day will be measurement, and then things will get better from there.  Wish us luck!

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