Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Partial Thaw

Last week was Jonah's birthday and this week it's mine.  It snowed this morning but then the sun came out and it got above freezing.  I'm disappointed that we won't get to have a lesson this week and we have a trial this weekend, so I did some shoveling in the backyard.  I pulled out the weave poles and Jonah was super. It was less icy than last time so he was really able to drive through them and he was moving fast.  It was good to see.  We worked on some off-side entries and as much distance as we could in our small shoveled area, and he was super.  Then we went to the garage and got a bunch of repetitions on the teeter.  His contacts weren't great if I sent him out ahead of me (he would stop at the tipping point and look back at me), but other than that he was great.  No sign of nervousness whatsoever.  Hopefully his concern at DLC was just due to being in a new place.  He's done the teeter at All Dogs a bunch of times, so I'm hoping he'll be fine.  I'll just be sure to have him approach a little slowly to try to prevent a fly-off.

Four days until our third trial, and I think we're in pretty good shape.

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