Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Picture!

Well, a few short hours after my last post, I got one of the pictures!  It was as if she'd read my post, because I got the full image uncropped:

I think it's really cute.  In the horse world, I would usually only consider a jumping picture 'great' if the horse was just reaching the peak of the jump.  This picture would not fall into that category, since he's definitely in his descent, but given the visibility in a tire, I think this is a much better shot.  If he were really in the middle of the tire, you probably wouldn't be able to see his whole body as well, or at least it would be hard to get a good, bright picture.  Riverside is a fairly dark area, so I'm impressed with the quality of the shots the photographer (Cindy Telley of Petart.nh) got.  There were a few other good ones of Jonah but the backgrounds were messy or they were basically the same as pictures I already have.  I think I look a little silly so I cropped myself out for the sidebar image.  I like the variety of having some shots that aren't just basic jumps.  Hopefully we'll get some good contact/tunnel/weave shots at upcoming trials :).

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