Friday, June 29, 2012

We're Back!

For the last week plus, Dave and I were in Yosemite National Park.  Jonah stayed home with my parents.  Nika went back to her breeder to play with her siblings.  Everyone had a great time.  I can't help but recount the trip a bit.

We spent all nights backpacking, and all days hiking save one when we decided to take a rock climbing class (we still logged 7 miles hiking that day, even if it was our day off).  Overall, we covered 75ish miles, climbed up to almost 11,000ft, experienced a 70 degree temperature swing from 27 degrees to 97 degrees, and had lots of fun.  We were hoping to get 100 miles but Dave sprained his ankle and we had to cut back, eliminating all our planned runs and shortening a number of hikes.  Still, it was a great trip. Here is a selection of pictures:

Meadows near lower Gaylor Lake.

SNOW!  I was so happy.

Upper Gaylor Lake and Gaylor Peak.

So pretty.  Near the Gaylor Lakes.

There were lots of dogs in the valley, but no dogs were allowed on trails.  We saw lots of these signs.

Clouds resting on Cloud's Rest (left), and Half Dome to the right.

Mount Hoffmann from May Lake.

May Lake again (we spent a few nights here)

Our home for a week.  This was our first night, above Chilnualna Falls.

Tree.  In case you couldn't tell.

Tunnel View (El Capitain on the left, Could's Rest and Half Dome in the background, Bridalveil Falls to the right).

The Valley, Upper Yosemite Falls.

Vernal Falls, from the Mist Trail.

Dave in front of the Half Dome Cables.

Us at the top of Cloud's Rest.

Nevada Falls from the John Muir Trail.

So you get was beautiful and lots of fun.

Meanwhile, Jonah and my dad went running a bunch, which was great for both of them.  Usually when we're gone Jonah sleeps in the kitchen waiting for us, but this time after a couple nights he stayed in my parents' bedroom.  Glad he was comfortable.

Nika went back to her breeder.  When I picked her up there were two puppies left (one is the one the breeder's keeping, the other is going home this weekend), but when I dropped her off there were still 6! So, she played with lots of her siblings.  The breeder kindly send us pictures during the week and we saw her playing, meeting goats, 'swimming' in a pool, tugging, and practicing her sits and downs.  What a good girlie, and it was such a comfort to know she was in a great place.  

When I picked her up, she screamed a lot in the car.  She doesn't like being alone in the crate in the back.  It wouldn't have been safe for her to be up front loose with me, though, so we got through it.  Somehow she got me to sing soothingly to her, and she stopped making noise.  She never slept, though, and whenever I stopped singing she'd start yelling again.  I don't know how she's already got me trained :).

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