Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FoxHill's Thessalonica

Maybe we're being unwise, but we decided to go ahead and get the little girl with the hernia.  Very exciting!  We heard from friends who are breeders that it's not a big deal, and the vet encouraged us not to be concerned, although the quote for the repair ($300) was more than I'd seen online (more along the lines of $50-$100).  That was for the hernia alone, so when we do it with the spay we'll save by only doing anesthesia once, but still a chunk of cash.  Obviously worth it, though.

Until now I hadn't let myself get fully invested that we were getting a puppy, but now I'm starting to.  We'll pick her up on Sunday.  Her name will be FoxHill's Thessalonica, and we'll call her Nika for short (we'll pronounce it like knee-ka).  Thessalonica is a city in Greece that I did but archaeological research on last year.  In scholarship I like to refer to it as  Thessalonikē (Θεσσαλονίκη), but Thessalonica is another spelling alternate and sounds more feminine :).  Anyway, it's a beautiful city with both modern and ancient appeal, a lovely waterfront, and excellent pastries!  I was going to upload some pictures of Thessalonikē, but it turns out all my pictures are of dorky archaeological things like Greek inscriptions, acid rain-damaged monuments, and the remains of old mosaics.  Not impressive pictures.  Here are some prettier shots from my trip, though, to give you an idea of why we might name a puppy after a city out there:

This is Mount Olympus, home of the gods!

So, 5 days and counting!  

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