Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Goals

I just realized I never did June goals.  Oops.  Better late than never.

Here are our goals for the month of May:

1.  2 Qs at our USDAA trial.  I've entered 2 Standard runs, a Snooker, and Steeplechase (all S's). 
     Not at all!  This was super disappointing.  I'm still bummed about it, but I think it will help my attitude for nationals, reminding me that making Qs the goal isn't the right approach.

2.  Full height running dogwalk.  Ambitious, but if things keep going the way they have been, I think it's doable.
     Yes!!  It's looking really good and pretty consistent.  I'm sure we'll still miss from time to time, but I'm very pleased.

3.  Practice discriminations and contact-to-tunnel turns.
     A little.  We did do this, but today in practice they weren't looking good, so I think we could have done more.

4.  Work on teeter performance so he's faster and also doesn't consider flying off.
     Yes.  I didn't retrain it or anything, but it's looking good, fast and confident.

5.  Keep tugging.  I'd like for him to tug at both DogStar and the USDAA trial.
     Yes.  I'm pleased with the tugging.  It's going well, and we've tugged at DogStar, the USDAA trial, and a bunch of other away-from-home locations.  Good boy.

So, as we look forward to June, things are going to be different.  We've got nationals, which I had assumed we'd treat like a big 'peak,' with lots of training leading up to it, but Jonah's enthusiasm has been low so I'm actually stepping back before hand.  Then we've got the puppy coming home on Sunday.  Then we've got Dave and me going on vacation at the end of the month.  Things will be all over the map.  I think it's time to split up our goals.  It's not just about Jonah anymore, and I have a big part to play.  We'll see how I like this format:

Goals for me:
1.  Each day at nationals, go out of my way to have a conversation with someone new.
2.  Compliment at least 2 people/dogs a day at nationals.
3.  Make sure to give Jonah the attention he deserves while we have a new puppy.
4.  Treat nationals like a time to play with Jonah, not like a competition (hard to quantify, I know).
5.  Verbally reward every (good) running dogwalk contact at nationals.  

Goals for Jonah:
1.  Have at least one great run at nationals, defined as running happy and fast from start to finish, whether or not that's the correct course or whether there might be a dropped bar, etc.
2.  At least one jackpot running dogwalk contact!  
3.  Being able to relax at the fairground.
4.  Tug at the fairground.
5.  Practice focus games away from home.

Goals for Nika (!!):
1.  Get used to her crate.
2.  Get accustomed to a schedule of potty training.
3.  Practice sits, downs and tugging.
4.  Meet a LOT of new people and dogs.
5.  Play with LOTS of new objects--we'll see how long a list we can come up with by July!

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