Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome Home, Nika!

Yesterday we went to pick up Nika!  All seven puppies were still there--we were the first to pick one up.  It's quite the crew.  They're all just so wiggly and happy and making cute little noises.  Good stuff.

We did a once-over on the puppy.  I took a look at her hernia, glanced again at her conformation, did a little playing with her, and it was clear that she was looking great.  We got all the info and paperwork from the breeder, and headed off.

She was absolutely perfect in the car.  I started driving while Dave held her in his lap.  She was alert and looking around, but looked confident and happy.  After about 45 minutes she got fidgety so we stopped and let her out at a gas station.  Sure enough, she peed pretty quickly.  When we got back in the car, she went straight to sleep and slept for the next hour.  We switched again at a field pretty close to home.  She got to run a little bit, and then got hot, so she turned and just dove into some tall grass.  Silly.  She was quiet the rest of the ride home.

We first took her to her new potty area and then we let Jonah out to meet her.  He was very polite but soon decided his yard was more interesting than she was.  Molly was good meeting her too.  Since then, Jonah gets a little upset when we spend too much attention on the puppy, and he'll tell her to get off when she jumps on him.  He's appropriate, though.  She so wants to be his best friend, and he's just not sure he's interested yet.  He thinks she's fine, but wants to make sure we still love him best :).

Her first night went very well.  I went to bed around 10.  Dave went to sleep at midnight and took her out then.  She woke up at 3 but didn't have to potty.  She cried for 15 mins or so, but then slept through the night until 6.  Not bad.

I guess a few things have surprised me:
-She was much better in the car than I'd expected
-She's I can't always tell when she's peeing!  A couple times now I've thought she was just sitting but then she'll get up and there's a little wet spot in the leaves.  Sometimes it's more obvious, but I want to be 100% so I can reward her appropriately!
-She's very brave.  We had her out by the agility equipment and she just started getting on things.  So, now she's been on the A-frame and dogwalk.  She didn't go too high, but I'm worried about the teeter and might put it down or block it off or something.
-Her breathing is a little panty.  It's warm, but not enough that I feel like she should be panting as much as she does.  We're keeping an eye on it.
-She's even more adorable than I could have imagined.  She's fantastic about being adventurous but then checking in with us frequently.  She loves following us, and is super excited to interact with us.

What fun, what fun, what fun.

Pictures soon.

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