Friday, February 10, 2012

Wrap exercises

In the last few days I've set up this course from agilitynerd and played around with it.  I really enjoy it!

There are some trees to work around in our area, so some of the angles were slightly different, but in general it gave us a lot of good questions.

-We had some trouble with 2 to 3, where Jonah took the off-course jump at 4/12.  It took a much harder call than I had expected on paper or walking it.  Other than that, it ran smoothly.

-Next I ran the course backwards.  The only spot we had trouble was 6 to 5 (weaves to jump).  I tried to peel off pretty far, thanks to a tree being in the way.  That pulled him out of the weaves.  We actually had to practice that a few times before he would charge straight through the weaves with me about 12-15 feet away.

Sequence 2:
-I thought this one was lots of fun.  I really liked 4-8.  I ended up putting a FC on the landing side of 5 and then another between 6 and 7.  When I looked at the map I thought it looked pretty demotivating to just spin around in circles that much, so I wanted to change it by turning him the other way.  It worked really well and he was super drivey with good tight turns.

There was one more sequence but I haven't done it yet.

I really liked these, though, and it was nice to have tough exercises from an easy setup.  Thanks, Steve!

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  1. You are very welcome. Glad you had fun with them!

    I'm surprised you had the off course 4/12 in seq #1. Did you turn your dog left over #2? Handling it as a FC wrap it is a couple steps forward to the correct tunnel entrance. It also works to use a Ketschker and have your dog on your right after #2 and drive to the tunnel entrance. If you keep moving they shouldn't take the wrong side of the tunnel.