Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Happenings

1.  I finished cutting up the fallen tree so that I can move it out of our agility area!  Now I just need Dave's help to move all the pieces completely out of the way, but I rolled them so they're under the dogwalk and not a hassle for the moment.

2.  Jonah went to the vet today for his lyme vaccine.  He was still quite nervous but I didn't have to carry him this time :).  He got to use the step-on scale rather than the terrifying moving table.  The vet told him, "If you can do agility you can do this."  And he walked right on.  She thinks he's a little thin, so I guess he gets more cookies!  At one point the vet looked at Jonah and said, "You love that person, don't you." It made me smile.

3.  I set up this course in our agility area.  I love it back there.  Yes, there are trees to avoid, but it's cool, shady and the footing is great.  How lucky are we?!  The only problems we had were that he popped out of the weaves at the last pole since he was turning right and I had large lateral distance to get in a front cross before the tunnel, and missing 16 altogether in the closing line.  Both were easily fixed, and he ran pretty well.  He wasn't quite as enthusiastic at home as he usually is at class or trial, but maybe I need to bring out the good cookies at home as well.  I typically just give him pieces of his food at home.  Anyway, I thought this was generally a nice course:

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