Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weave Entry Project

The goals I set out for this month were somewhat lacking in definable training improvements, and I've just come up with an addition.  I think this is more of a summer project than just a July thing, but I'd really like to work on weave entries.  I'll just use the 6 poles because after a few times through 12 Jonah is usually slowing down.  This is primarily about entries and we don't have trouble with popping out of the poles, so six should be fine.

Here are six entries that I'd like to be able to master without me babysitting the entries too much.  Some will obviously need a little more help than others, especially at first.  The following map is NOT numbered as a sequence (I'm not going to go from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on), and I'll probably only have two jumps or so set up at a time.  They are six different questions that I'd like Jonah to master.  Here's the diagram.  In all cases, I will take the weaves headed up/North:

Jonah's straight entries are looking super these days, so I don't have that listed.  Here's what we do have:
1.  An on-side, angled approach.  This should not be any problem at all.

2.  An off-side, angled approach.  I don't think this should trip him up at this point, but it has the possibility for a wrong entry, as he'll be approaching from the incorrect side, facing the incorrect entry.

3.  On-side, 90 degree approach.  This has been difficult for Jonah in the past, and now I want to drill it frequently enough that he can regularly find the entry on his own.

4.  Off-side, 90 degree approach.  With support, I think this is actually easier for Jonah than number 3.  So long as I can push him around the first pole, he understands well.  My goal will be that I don't have to be right there pushing him into the entry.

5.  Off-side, 180 degree approach.  Again, if I'm there to push around the pole I think Jonah will get this fine.  It would be great if he could be independent with it, though!

6.  On-side, 180 degree approach.  I think this is a really challenging entry.  We'll see how it goes!

7.  This isn't on the map, but I would like to work on distance with the weaves, with a specific goal that he will weave straight away and straight towards me.  His lateral distance is pretty good, but these (especially the send straight away) are harder.

That should be a concrete set of goals for us to work on progressing with our weaves.  I'll try to video the final results so you can see how it goes.

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