Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ricketts Glen

Here's another picture post from our week in the Poconos.

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One day when we were browsing the bookshelf, we found a map of Ricketts Glen State Park.  It talked about a 7.2 mile hike around 21 waterfalls, and we decided we had better go.  

It was a hot day (mid 90s), but the trail turned out to be nice and shady.  

The trail had been advertised as 'most difficult,' but we quickly found that our idea of what that meant was clearly different from whoever had written it.  Considering the number of bikini-and-flipflop girls we saw giggling and shrieking in the waterfalls, I would have to assume the map was trying to scare them away.  In fact, even the mileage surprised us.  Due to poor trail marking, we ended up only doing about 3.5 miles, but we still saw 17 waterfalls.  Anyway, it was not what we expected (a long, difficult, quiet, remote hike), but it was quite pleasant.

We put Jonah's pack on him but we only put one poop bag on each side.  We wanted him to get used to wearing and moving around in it without having any real weight.  The pack seemed to work great.  I couldn't tell that it ever bothered him, and it stayed dry inside even when he went in the water.  It did get a little dirty, but that's what it's for.

Jonah was a total star the whole way around.  We kept him on leash and he was super well-behaved.  He didn't pull at squirrels, he walked quietly and politely by every single person we met (we didn't see any other dogs), and he would wait for us when we were going up or down narrow staircases and switchbacks.  Overall, he was an A+ dog for the day.  

I guess that's about all I have to say by way of introduction, so we'll get right to the pictures!

Jonah hitting the trail with his new pack.

Down a stone staircase

Checking in


Saying hi

I love you, Dad.

I hid my mom, I'm so clever.

Mom, quiet.  Dad might not know where you are.

I climb big trees with my dad.

Ok, I know this blog isn't about waterfalls, but I figured I'd show you a few pictures of them while I'm at it: 

The three of us under a big fall.  It was a great trip!

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