Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Decision

Well, last week while I was away, I missed an opening date for a trial at All Dogs Gym in July.  Since they fill on opening day, I was a little bummed that we'd miss a trial.  Then I got brave and started to look at what non-CPE trials there are in July that we could potentially substitute.  There are two possibilities, but they are past their opening dates as well, so I'm not sure if we would get in.  Nonetheless, I figured I could go ahead and register Jonah so we would be able to enter future trials.

So...Jonah is now officially registered with...USDAA!

I still don't know whether I'll put him in Championship or Performance, but it feels like a big step.  I'll have to talk with Grace about it tomorrow.  I hope she'll be pleased.

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