Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just a few things of note:

1.  I worked on stumps in our agility area today and had great success!  I think I took out close to 10 annoying, trip-happy stumps.  there are still 6 bigger ones out there, but progress is progress.  We're having a professional come take down a leaning tree and I'm hoping he'll have the equipment to take the stumps out while he's here.

2.  I just downloaded the Clean Run Course Designer software, and so far it seems really great!  I can now make nice course maps for the blog.

3.  I kept my vow and just filled out an entry for a trial in August, complete with a volunteer form.  Hopefully it will go better this time.

4.  I also filled out an entry for our first USDAA trial and it's in the mail!  We'll do one round of Standard, one round of Snooker and then I entered Steeplechase.  I'm already worried about measuring, but hopefully other than that things will go well.  This is very exciting.

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