Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Goals

It has come to my attention that it is now December, which means it's time for a goal check-in.

Here's what we wanted to accomplish in November:
1.  Faster speed and distance up to 15 feet for dog-walk contacts
     Our distance is improving, but I'd say we're more at 10 feet than 15.  I would still like a little more speed, but his confidence is high, so I'm happy with that.  I'm especially pleased that he went right on the new dog walk at full height this week at All Dogs Gym. 

2.  Fast down on table
     Our last class at Four Paws was a step backwards with the table, but when we were at All Dogs Gym he was the best he's ever been.  Maybe we'll pick up the pause table from the Four Paws auction and be able to practice with a real table at home.

3.  Front and rear crosses
     We're able to do front and rear crosses, so I'd say we've accomplished the goal I set out, but there's always room for improvement.  I'd like to see full speed rear-crosses where he doesn't hesitate when I step behind him.

4.  'Passing' the advanced beginner class, having a plan for moving up to intermediate
     We passed with flying colors, and have a pretty good plan moving forward.  We have 2 more weeks at Four Paws, we've found a class at All Dogs Gym, and once finals are over we'll check out Riverside, which would be closer to us. 

5.  Attend a trial without competing (we'll see if my schedule at school gives me enough time to get to one).
     Nope.  Next weekend there's a trial at Riverside, though.  Assuming I'm in decent shape for my finals and last paper, we'll head up there one of the days.

Our goals moving forward are a little tough to lay out because I don't know how long we'll be able to be working outside.  Then I'm not sure what we'll do inside.  I'm going to have to go check out the basement.  I think we'll put the teeter down there, but there's not a ton of space for equipment other than that.  The other concern for December is that I won't be done with finals until the 15th, and then we'll be busy with Christmas and New Years festivities for a few days, too.  Anyway, here's my tentative goal list for December: 

1.  Attend a trial without competing
2.  Get our new teeter set up
3.  Get Jonah happily and confidently  navigating our teeter and sticking the contact, even if not at full height and even if padded to muffle the 'bang'  (Goal for January:  full height, full noise teeter)
4.  Proof staying the contact position--letting me walk away and have him stay until released
5.  Rear cross at full speed.  Hopefully we can get outside to do this or work on it in class.

That should keep us busy in an already busy month.

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