Monday, December 6, 2010

Beginning of the Week


Today was the first day I've really kept our outdoor training short because of the weather.  It's 32 degrees with 21 mph winds, making it feel like 21 degrees.  It's been flurrying, and the flakes are going sideways.

Anyway, Jonah had to go get some shots this morning.  He was pretty good at the vet but thought the table that weighs him and moves up and down was pretty frightening.  I had to pick him up and put him on the table.  Brave agility dog?  hmm...

After that, I decided he deserved a quick trip to Petco.  We picked up some new food, a bag of Puperoni (his favorite doggie treat), and a new toy.  Kong has a chew piece with ridges that you can put peanut butter/cream cheese/paste in, and it also has a rope going through it.  I thought this would be worth a try since it could combine a tug toy and food all in one thing.  Clearly I had to try it out when we got home.

When we got out to our training area, the ground was frozen and I didn't have too much interest in staying out too long.  We worked on proofing contacts on the dogwalk with the stay in the 2o2o (front 2 paws off the dog walk and back 2 paws on) position and did the weave poles a bunch of times.  On the weaves, I could throw the new toy, filled with peanut butter, out in front of him as he went past the last pole.  It worked really well.  Obviously he loves peanut butter and I was able to play tug with him, then have him drop it and charge on at the poles again.  It was some of the fastest weaving I've seen him do.  I'm getting really excited about his weaving.  Tomorrow we'll play with the channels again at class and then on Thursday it's back to straight poles at All Dogs Gym.  I'm hoping he'll be a little faster this week on Thursday than he was last week.

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