Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to Beat and a Fun Run

In yesterday's post I said I hadn't timed Jonah's weaves in a while. I pulled out my watch.  I didn't really know how he would react to my attention being on the watch rather than on him, but he didn't seem to notice.
The big time:  3.2 seconds.
Now that's something I'm fully pleased with.  I know there are many dogs out there who are faster, but I feel like 3.2 is completely respectable.  It's also more than a second faster than the last time we timed him.  I don't know how much faster he will get (surely shaving off another second would be a very large challenge), but if he can maintain that I'll be quite happy.  Go Jonah!
- - -
Today we went to a park that lets dogs be off leash.  We were just going for a nice walk when we came across a friend!  One of the other dogs from our class was there, too.  I was surprised because I feel like we live pretty far away from Four Paws and I didn't know anyone else came from this area.  The other dog is a little nervous about some of the equipment at class, so we offered to let her come and use our toys.  Jonah will get to have a friend over!  Today, though, they just ran around, and around, and around, and around, and around together in the woods.  Jonah was thoroughly tired when we got home.  We're excited to have a new buddy to play with, both running and doing agility here at home.

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