Monday, November 22, 2010

Jump Handling Practice

Today I set up a basic little exercise, but we learned a lot from it.

Here's the setup:
__          __          __

The possibilities were actually quite large.  We did regular serpentines, where I practiced front and rear crosses at each point, and worked on lead outs of various lengths and some distance.  Having the jump out of line was quite telling.  A few times Jonah would take the jump to the side instead of doing the inside line of the serpentine.  

I also worked on threadles, where he would jump the jumps of the serpentine but he would jump each one going the same direction.  I tried the two handling methods that have videos on
The first one, the push pull, simply wasn't a strong enough cue for him.  He's conditioned to do the serpentine, so he ended up just doing that.

Then I tried the front cross technique.  On the video I'd thought this looked a little bit silly, but the bigger motions seemed to make more sense to Jonah.  He wasn't going full speed, but we got it done without much trouble.

So, fifteen minutes outside with four jumps and we got a lot of good practice out of it.  I'm glad we have class tomorrow.  Hopefully we can find some new, challenging things to work on!

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