Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Ultimate Weekend

This weekend Dave was playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament, so Jonah and I went out to watch.  He is much improved around ultimate and has grown to be a favorite on our team.  In general he will tolerate people petting him, although he rarely approaches people himself and he often does not make eye contact.  Also, he still hates the Grimson brothers on our team.  No idea why.  Actually, he's warmed up to Mark pretty well but not Brian.  He doesn't bark at them anymore, but he did still growl at Brian and consistently walks away from him.  This weekend their parents came to watch and Jonah decided that he really liked Mr. and Mrs. Grimson.  Funny.

On Sunday it rained.  We had one tent which everyone crowded under, so people were even closer together than normal, but Jonah didn't seem to mind one bit.  In fact, it seemed great because he was even closer to the ultimate bags.  Every ultimate bag is full of delectable smells like sweaty old sock, wet cleat, spilled gatorade, squished protein bars and the like.  If you're really lucky, there might be a bagel and/or some peanut butter, or some trail mix, a banana, or some other tasty treat.  Needless to say, Jonah was often trying to root around for treasure and we had to watch him carefully.  Overall, he was getting a little pully on the leash.  I hope that doesn't carry over to other places.

Sunday was also a special day because one of our team members brought his wife and their two dogs.  When they first said hi, they were initially friendly but quickly Lily and Austin (both significantly bigger than Jonah) leaped towards Jonah in a barking fury.  I wouldn't say they were really fighting, but it was aggressive play for sure.  They spun around so fast that their leashes became a contorted mass.  When Jonah realized he couldn't get away, he panicked a little bit.  I had to come unclip his leash and pick him up right out of the fray.  Five minutes later, he was eager to go meet them again, and we had no further issues throughout the day.  I think Jonah was pleased to not be the only canine on our sideline.

Between doggy and human friends, being outside all day and the various goodies our teammates gave him throughout the tournament, I'd say it was quite a good weekend.  Jonah is fast becoming a frisbee dog.  Maybe soon we'll get him his own frisbee so he can even play, too. 

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