Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sequence Heaven

Today I had the yard set up with a 'tire' (hula hoop tied to the old swing-set), 2 jumps, the tunnel and weave poles.  It was an extremely simple setup, with only the tunnel crossing the middle of the yard.  Here's my diagram:
              o                 [                                   [
                                                   | |
                              . . . . . .

Key:  o = tire;  [ = jump;  | | = tunnel; and . . . . . . = weave poles

Sorry for the quality of that course map, but maybe it will give the general idea.
We just played around with all the obstacles in mostly sequences of 2-3.  Today my goal was to keep Jonah's enthusiasm high, and it worked great.  Sometimes he still misses the entry to the weave poles, but overall I couldn't be happier with how he is progressing.  He really drives ahead to the jumps and the tire.  The first time we turned to the tunnel he ran right past, but then he was looking for my cues and he would charge right through.  As long as I slow him up and help him get started on the weave poles, he would do any of my little sequences like a pro.  His lead out is good, too.  He will wait happily and then charge out to meet me as soon as he's released.  I kept the session short (15 minutes max) so I could end while he was still having fun.  Great work, Jonah.

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