Monday, September 3, 2012

ARFF Trial

Overall, the trial experience was quite good.  It was a long day, but what trial isn't.  I met some nice new people, got to talk with other friends, watched some good agility, and even got a job offer!  Somehow it was my own agility that didn't quite live up to the rest of the day.

Round 1:  Advanced Standard
    Jonah was amped to start this run.  There was a strange, table-like platform outside the ring which we'd practiced on before going in.  He was dropping immediately and looking really happy about it.  I was hopeful.  When we went in, he was bark-bark-barking.  He started fast!  His weaves were not quite full speed, but not too bad.  Then he took a little bit of a detour and barked at the judge (which he's never done before), but came back and did some jumps at decent pace.  Then he started racing up the dogwalk but once again got concerned about the judge and just trotted down the down ramp.  He flew into the chute, up and down the A-frame and hopped right up onto the table.  Then he sat there.  And sat there.  And sat there.  And looked at the people outside the fence.  And ignored me.  And looked sad.  I tried moving so I was between the people and him, but no go.  So, we went on.  The rest of the course was lovely and fast.  That makes 2 perfectly clean standard runs in a row except for not being able to lie down on the table.  Thanks, Jonah.  We did a lot of table work and fast down game this week, but I guess it wasn't enough.  We'll keep working and hoping.  We still need two more standards.

Round 2:  Grand Prix
     This course started with a demotivating line including a tight wrap at 2.  Jonah was pretty peppy starting out, but that wrap killed the motor.  There were points where he got better, but in general he was just unenthused.  His dogwalk was a slow trot.  It seemed like it took him forever to tip the teeter.  He did have a lovely A-frame, but the jump after that required another wrap which unfortunately got him slow enough that he then stopped and looked at the timers instead of doing the weave poles, and incurred a refusal.  Poor guy.  He was just nervous again.  I wish he wouldn't be.  I can't tell what in particular he's scared of.  Laura suggested putting myself between him and the outside of the ring, which could have helped here, but then the judge might be scary sometimes.  I don't know.  Something to play around with.  Anyway, aside from the refusal he was clear but 8 seconds over time.  The refusal alone probably took 8 seconds, so it's good to know that a Q is certainly in the realm of possibility.  Still, I don't know how to get a magic de-stress button.  Our last trial was much better.  Oh well.  We'll just keep trying, I guess.

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