Saturday, September 1, 2012

ARFF Trial Preview

Tomorrow we're going to the ARFF trial.  We're just doing 2 runs in the morning and then I'll work the rest of the day while Dave brings the dogs home.  Nika's going to come to the trial, too.  It will be good socialization for her.

Round 1:  Advanced Standard
     It would be nice to get this Q, but the number 1 goal is to treat it like we did the last trial:  FUN FUN FUN-RUN RUN RUN!  I will keep going if he makes a mistake, and it will be a success if he doesn't get stressed or if he recovers from his stress.  I want to handle relatively conservatively and not get too far ahead of him.  I will work on supporting every obstacle and keeping a positive attitude.  We'll see how it goes.

Round 2:  Grand Prix
     One of our goals for the year was to get a tournament Q.  Well, here's a chance.  We should get to do a dogwalk, which is good practice.  Also for GP you don't have to worry about being better than other people (as in Steeplechase), you just have to go clean and under time.  We were less than a second off from getting a GP Q last winter, so if things go right we should have a chance.  Again, though, the goal is fast and fun and positive.

Wish us luck :).

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