Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Underwhelming Lesson

Our lesson today was good, but Jonah was just plain slow.  He would lope along, usually doing whatever I asked, but being generally distracted and unmotivated.  Talk about a low drive dog today.

On our first course he missed a weave entry and stopped in front of a jump when he heard a noise.  We did that course again with improvements (mostly me getting in more front crosses to be extra clear where he was going), and it was better but still not full speed.

Next we did an on-leash course to see if I could speed him up that way.  Well, it was a good try but it didn't work.  I pulled a stanchion over with the leash on the second jump and he was wary of jumping after that.  Even on the contacts and in between obstacles he just didn't want to catch up.  Whenever I put any pressure on the leash from ahead of him he would slow down even more.  He pulled the last two bars on the course and looked pretty uninspired.  Oops.

Then we did one more course, just a big looping, motivating course.  It was the best of the day by far, and he finished faster than he started.

Joan suggested that we keep working on our tugging (with our new toy!) and get a bait bag that I can throw for a treat with food in it.  Hopefully we get over this little blip fast!

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