Friday, March 11, 2011

Trial Preview

Sorry I haven't posted much recently.  This last week before spring break has been killer.  Fortunately  now I'm free for a week!

We had to skip our lesson this week so I could go to a meeting, so we haven't been doing much agility.  We do have a trial tomorrow, though.

The organizer sent out the catalogue before the move-up date, so things might be different tomorrow, but here's a preview of the status of things so far as I know:

Round 1:  Jumpers Level 3
     It looks like Jonah will be one of five dogs in this class, so we'll have to be on our toes if we want to place well.  I feel pretty good about jumpers classes in general, though, as they're often Jonah's best runs.

Round 2:  Snooker Level 3
     This is our level 3 debut in snooker.  I'm just hoping there's a chance for a nice flowing course.  There are three other dogs in his class, but of all the classes I care least about Snooker placement.

Round 3:  Colors Level 2
     There is only one other dog in our class, and I'm thinking it should be a pretty straightforward round.  Things can always go wrong, but it shouldn't be too challenging.

Round 4:  Standard Level 2
     Standard is my favorite class, and we're behind in getting Standard legs since Riverside doesn't offer it at their trials.  If we qualify, this will be our second of four Standard legs.  There are three dogs in the class.

This is the first trial I'll be volunteering at.  I think it will be a little bit stressful until I get the hang of it, but I at least won't feel guilty about doing my homework while other people make the trial run.  In fact, I plan not to bring one single piece of homework with me tomorrow.  None.

I'm excited we can get there a few minutes later, too, since Jonah doesn't have to be measured.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be 50 and sunny.  Right now, that sounds like pure heaven.  Things are melting rapidly.  At this point there are about 2 inches of snow left over our training area.  The snow is nice and soft since it's melting, so you can actually run on it.  We can do some weaving and jumps out there, so I think I'll do a little practice this afternoon to get Jonah primed for the trial.  Hopefully this week I can get the dogwalk and the teeter out there, and we'll be in great shape...until the rest of the snow melts and leaves a big field of mud!

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