Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday

I got home nice and early today so Jonah and I spent a good amount of time outside.  It was a little bit warmer, so I shoveled off part of our backyard again and I pulled out the weave poles for the first time since they've been painted.  Unfortunately the ground was a little icy, so he couldn't really go full speed, but we were able to practice some entries.  We also popped over the teeter a few times and I pulled out the table and did some sends to the table.  He was great with the sends, doing up to about 20 feet.  So, overall, I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend but not like we're fully primed.  I guess we won't be able to get the kind of preparation I'd really like until spring.

There was an option of going to the trial tonight to set up crates and get measured, but the traffic getting up there would be horrific (we'd probably be there 20 minutes but the driving I'm guessing would be more than 3 hours round trip), so I'm just going to go up early in the morning.  We're not in the first class so there will be a lot of waiting, but I'd rather have waiting than rushing.  I'll get a chance to plan my courses for the day, so that should be good.

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