Monday, September 27, 2010

Ready for Week 5

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the fifth week of our six week beginner agility class.  At the same time, Jonah has made huge strides.  It's been wet so we haven't been practicing quite as much outside, but nonetheless he is showing improvement. 

He is weaving with real enthusiasm and rhythm.  Mostly he does the 'small dog' two paws on each side.  He is able to find the entry himself, although we need to keep working on making the angle more challenging.

He loves the tire jump, and I can send him to that from a good distance (maybe 15 feet or so). 

I haven't been bringing out the tunnel very much but he loves that and can drive to it, too.

Our contact board is still a work in progress.  He sticks it beautifully at slower speeds, but if we run to it he will blow past it.  This is what I've been wanting to work on most, but since it's been so wet I've held off because I don't want him to slip.

In the last two days we've been working on rear crosses.  I've worked with a single jump, just having him jump and spin back around the standard to his reward.  We also have done two jumps at a 90 degree angle and have worked on doing both the inside and outside route.  Then I did three jumps facing the same direction and worked on a serpentine.  This had mixed results--sometimes he was perfect and sometimes he would turn the wrong way or not drive ahead well.  I'm sure it's my fault--I don't really know what I'm doing.  It's lots of fun when he gets it, though!  In general, I'd like him to be driving more positively to the jumps.  I'm not sure why he loves the tires but thinks the jumps are boring.  I may try higher jumps (right now they're only about 9"), and I need to be good about rewarding more often and excitedly at the jumps.

As for our actual homework, his lead outs are good, his front cross ground work is right on, his obedience work is doing well, his fast downs are getting better, and he runs well with me.  The homework is pretty basic, so we're generally making up our own things to do.  It's nice to not be stressed about the work, but I could use a little more guidance, too.  We're excited to move into the advanced beginner class.  It's coming soon!

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