Monday, September 20, 2010

Practice Time

Jonah had a few days off from agility practice since we were away this weekend.  Last week my school schedule was pretty busy, too, so he's been low on agility repetitions.  When I took him out today, though, he was fabulous.  His contact positioning on our mini ramp (the board is about 4 feet and the high end is elevated about 9") was better than it has ever been.  He was really moving through the straight line of three jumps I set up.  His lead outs were perfect.  I could walk all the way to the third jump and call him over them all.  I could walk out to the second, call him out, and stay where I was, sending him over the third.  I could send him individually to the tire while I was way behind.  His weave poles were the best they've ever been.  He was really driving through them, so the poles went flying a few times, but he didn't seem to care a bit.  We got out a pause table which is really too small and it's rectangular so he can only lie down one way, but he was really getting that, too.  I am so impressed with this dog.  He is really smart and he's so much fun to try all this agility stuff with!  I can't wait for tomorrow's class.

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