Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catch Up

I realize that I haven't posted in...months!  Yikes :(.

Work is very busy, and any free dog-related time ends up going to playing with the dogs and working them, rather than writing about them.  In general, that's a good thing.

Anyway, lots has happened since the last post.

Nika went to her first trial!  And then her second.  And third, and fourth.  She's awesome.

I won't go through every run we've had, but basically she has a phenomenal focus, and has put together some beautiful runs.  This past weekend, the judge came up to me after a run and said, "You're amazing.  Where do you trial?"  I thought this was a funny question, because I've shown under her at least 5-6 times, but apparently Jonah is not very memorable.  I thanked her nonetheless.

We've had mistakes:  some dropped bars, a missed A-frame, some off courses or missed obstacles.  But, she's picked up a whole bunch of Qs and has already moved up to Level 4 in Fullhouse.  She's never made me regret starting her in level 3.  Everyone thinks she's awesome...I can't tell you how many comments I've gotten.  One woman referred to my dogs as "The fluffy one and the fast one."

Meanwhile, Jonah's doing great, too.  He's had a few perfect days lately and has just been generally very reliable.  Some super fast runs, too.  I'm proud of the big guy.  He always really wants his turn, even if he sometimes still gets nervous in the ring.  Oh, and he hit his 100th CPE Q last weekend!  Now he only has 18 left before he earns his CATCH.

For class, Nika has graduated into Competition Agility, the highest level.  Jonah and Nika switch off week to week, and both are kicking butt.  It's so fun to have the two of them.  They definitely have different strengths.  I'm lucky to have such awesome dogs.

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