Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Match Preview

On Saturday we're going to SureFire dogs, a pretty new facility that just got approved for USDAA trials.  They're hosting a match, which means runs won't count as qualifying.  I entered because I was hoping it would be a little lower key than a lot of trials.  There are only 30 dogs entered in total.  Plus, if Qs don't matter maybe I'll put a little less pressure on us.

We're just doing 2 rounds:  Gamblers (first) and Standard (second).  My goals are entirely to get Jonah comfortable and hopefully running fast.  Then, I'd love to school the dogwalk if it's available in Gamblers.  We'll at least get a shot with it in Standard.  We'll see how our table work has been going, too.

There are 8 and 9 dogs in our classes, but there aren't placement ribbons so it doesn't matter!  I love competition, but hopefully this will make me really prioritize Jonah's enjoyment rather than our performance.

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