Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Riverside Trial Preview

Well, it's been raining non-stop for three days now, so we've been doing minimal agility.  Luckily it is supposed to clear up for Friday, when we will be going to Riverside for our third USDAA trial.  I'm really looking forward to it.  There are a lot fewer people entered because it's a Friday, so things should move along pretty quickly, and classes will be a little bit less competitive.

First things first, we'll have to get measured again.  I looked at the instructions again and it says we need three measurements, one of which needs to be from a Certified Measuring Judge.  This will be our third USDAA measurement, but none of the judges were CMJs.  I'm not sure if that means we shouldn't get the third signature on the card or what.  Hopefully they'll know what to do.

Round 1:  Starters Gamblers
     This past weekend Jonah was great for Gamblers.  The gamble was pretty easy and he was happy to work away from me.  Hopefully this will be a similar course.  Our only problems last time were in my mistiming the opening.  Last time he did 12 obstacles in 25 seconds.  If we have 25 seconds for the opening again I'll have a better sense of how to plan things.  Of course, I never know how fast he'll be once he starts so it's always a bit of a guessing game.  It would be nice if there were some obstacles near the beginning of the gamble that I could loop around until the whistle blows.  So, the goal will be for me to plan a good course and help Jonah have lots of fun.  There are 5 dogs in this class.

Round 2:  Starters Standard
     It would be great to get this Q because it would finish our starters standard title, but we'll see how things go.  Our A-frame contact is still inconsistent.  I'm hoping for a faster up and down on the table this  time (i.e. he needs to recognize that the huge box is a table, jump up on it, and then lay down--many steps!).  Nailing the weaves would be nice, too.  He hardly ever has trouble with the weaves in CPE, even when there are 12 poles, so I've been surprised that he's had so much trouble in our USDAA trials. The goal for standard will be a steady, accurate round.  I won't be really pushing to shave seconds off.  Again there are 5 dogs in the class.

Round 3:  Starters Snooker
     I'd like to get snooker this time, as we've missed the last two.  I'll plan a low risk, flowing opening and just hope we get through it.  Jonah's usually pretty good at snooker, so I'm optimistic that things will go right for us this time.  There are only four dogs in the class, so at least we'll get a ribbon.

Round 4:  Starters Jumpers
     I love jumpers courses and I'm sure we'll be able to handle anything that will be thrown at us at the starters level.  Here's a course where I might try to push it a little.  Dad won't be around to distract him this time.  I've been pleased how he's dealt with me getting some distance from him and just trusting him, so if he's been having a good day I may toy with that a little bit more.  There are 5 dogs in the class and we should be able to beat one for a ribbon if things go right.

I'm looking forward to Friday.  It should be a great day for us!  First, though, we have our class tomorrow night.

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