Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Tunnel and Chute!

The tunnel and chute came today, and now Jonah's a total pro.  The first time he went in the chute he turned around and went back out.  Then I had him down-stay at the opening while I went to the end, held it open, and called him through.  He came right through.  From then out, I didn't have to hold the chute and I could send him to it from the opening.  Each time he would come out the end with this brilliant, exhilarated face.  It was awesome to see him so happy.

He didn't have any trouble with the tunnel, and he went through it when it was straight, curved like a U, and curved like an S.  I staked down the chute but not the tunnel, and it held its shape great.  I'm very pleased with what I got.

The only funny thing Jonah did was he realized that if he jumped on top of the tunnel he could squish it.  This is clearly a fun game.

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